Changing Directions

Graveyard for the Living is a novel that I wrote in 2016 while living in Tonga. It began as an assignment for my Genre Fiction class at university, but expanded to so much more. These characters now live in my mind beyond the page. I wonder how they would react in situations I find myself in. In my daydreams, I flesh out their back stories; their early lives, only hinted at in Graveyard for the Living, blossom.

This blog will now be primarily be an attempt for me to aggregate these stories as they are solidified, and colour them with the facts and fictions that influenced them.

This site will be updated with the ‘stories’ of characters from Graveyard for the Living as they are written. The ‘stories’ will hopefully take one of two forms:

  1. A collection of sources on the historical events that influenced the character’s life
  2. Short stories that provide snapshots into the character’s life before Graveyard for the Living

[Although given my love for both creative writing and miscellaneous fact sharing, there will probably be a fair amount of overlap between the two]

In the future I may also add some of my writing process and brainstorming. Rants about the querying process may also find their way in.


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