Review: Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs

I’ll start this off by saying I love Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series. Frost Burned is the seventh book in the series and I still love reading about Mercy’s adventures with the supernatural communities of the Tri-Cities. Mercy Hauptman née Thompson is a mechanic, shapeshifter, occasional vampire hunter, ghost whisperer (of sorts), trouble magnet, wife of the local werewolf Alpha, and all around badass with a history degree and friends in unusual places. A coyote shapeshifter who is constantly surrounded by people more dangerous than her, Mercy survives by being smart, stubborn, and unbelievably lucky.

In this installment of the Mercy Thompson series, after a car accident Mercy finds herself unable to get in touch with anyone from her pack. No one is answering their phone, and the only thing Marcy can feel through the pack bond is pain and anger. Mercy calls on her fae mentor Zee for help with protecting her step daughter Jesse, and on her vampire friend Stefan for help hunting down those who took her pack. As always Mercy & co. end up tangled in something much bigger than expected, and this time not everyone makes it out alive.

As always Patricia Briggs delivers a compelling story centered around her always interesting heroine. Mercy is a perfect balance of badass and completely identifiable, and she draws you into caring about her struggles, regardless of how separate they may be from your own. Mercy’s humour and resilience allows the story to occasionally deal with some dark subject matter without being depressing. The presence of new fae artifacts, and unusual vampire abilities helps keep the story fresh and expands the reader’s knowledge of Mercy’s universe.

My opinion might be a little biased due to my love of the series this book belongs to, but Frost Burned is another excellent entry from Patricia Briggs into the urban fantasy genre.


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