Top Five Lists?

Unfortunately I have not had as much time to read lately as I would like. While this is sad news, which has often left me staring wistfully at my bookcase as I edit my novel, said wistful staring has had me reminiscing about my favourite books. As such, I thought I might thin out my book reviews a bit by posting ‘Top Five’ list reviews of by favourites. This should hopefully give me more time to finish each book, so that there are no big gaps on my blog when I don’t have time to read.

I’m going to try and maintain the pace of 2 posts a week. However, from now on, instead of them both being book reviews, I will probably post one book review, and one list review or a movie review. If I ever manage to catch up with my reading I might go back to posting 2 reviews a week, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


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