Lonely Little Werewolf Girl

Lonely Little Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar is the story of Kalix MacRinnalch teenaged runaway, drug addict, and werewolf, and her family’s internal power struggle after her father, the Thane of the Scottish werewolves, dies.

I really enjoyed this book. If it had been edited properly, I might have even loved it. The characters are good, the interwoven story lines are all interesting, and the short chapter structure keeps the pace rolling along nicely despite the plethora of characters and disparate plot lines. However the editing was terrible. As well as obvious spelling and grammar mistakes, it all felt slightly disjointed. While the characters all had excellent potential,¬†their actual characterisation was slightly uneven. Back story is hinted at but rarely explained satisfactorily (what the hell kind of abuse made Kalix hate her family so much), and most character motivations are superficially explained if at all (Sarapen literally just wants power. No explanation as to why?). And while I appreciate a story that doesn’t place all of its importance on romantic relationships, with the exception of the relationship between Daniel and Moonglow, none of the relationships have any complexity or depth to them and people recover from ‘heartbreak’ with a rapidness that is deeply disconcerting.

All of that criticism aside if you want an urban fantasy novel about werewolves (and to a lesser extent fire elementals), with a huge cast of complex female characters with a subtext of femininity and modernity vs. masculinity and stagnation, this is the book for you. I’m in an editing frame of mind at the moment because I’m editing my novel, and I have a feeling that the problems I saw may slip by if you’re just reading it for enjoyment. And it is a thoroughly enjoyable book.


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